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A Contract With the People

The Progressive Party, in 1912, had this booklet to show what their issues and solutions were.
The issues are hauntingly familiar to the ones we face today, over 100 years later; the face of our government is scarred by the corporate influences, and poor policies created by corrupt politicians.  We should ALL read this PDF and see how similar the situation was in 1912 in comparison to our situation today...

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We Shall Be Indivisible!

Tactics of corporate money, and control as been a divider of us as a country.  It has put forth divisive issues that are emotional, and it has been done specifically to keep us involved in these visceral issues, and to ignore what is happening to Our country.  We must not be divided any longer!  Party is NOT more important than country.  Let's find the issues that we can agree on and make progress in those areas first, and make the rest fall in line with a level of liberty that is overwhelmingly wanted by ALL of us.

The Tea Party provided us with a much needed tool.  The way to get things done. provides what we need to repeat the successes of making our representatives listen to us. 

Our Revolution Starts NOW!

There is a strong feeling that Bernie Sanders would have been an awesome President.  The DNCs shenanigans, and the Primaries being slanted toward Hillary Clinton made a lot of people so angry, they voted for Trump.  Well, now we have this mess to clean up, but Bernie's issues are still real issues, and we still have to get some results.  If we let the government get away from us, it will be a lot harder to get it back later.  So, let's do the Revolution now, and not complain about how things could have been better...

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